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How to install Indigisounds libraries on KONTAKT 5 PLAYER

Step 1

  1. Please ensure to have Kontakt 5.7.3 and above.
  2. Please ensure to have the latest version of Native Access.

Step 2

  1. After downloading the link provided from the   generated email, please unzip the downloaded Indigisounds folder into a destined folder location.
  2. Open Kontakt and press Manage Libraries.
  3. Manage Libraries Opens Native Access – Please enter Username and Password to open this application.
  4. Press Add a Serial and enter the Serial Number provided by the email.
  5. Press Add Serial and wait a couple seconds for the serial to register.
  6. Once successful, press BROWSE and point to the folder that contains the encoded sub-folder from the downloaded Indigisounds’ main folder.
  7. Press Open.
  8. Go back to Kontakt and open Preferences. In Database, select Add.
  9. Go to Libraries and ensure each of the sample libraries are selected.
  10. On the Browser Tab, the purchased libraries should appear.

How many computers can I install Indigisounds on?

  • As per your licensing agreement, Indigisounds is a single user license. This means you are permitted to install the software on two of your own computers. You may not share this license with other individuals. Each individual user must have his or her own serial number to own a license.
  • Software authorization is handled through the Native Instruments registration system which tracks your Indigisounds serial number and assigns it an authorization code for the computer System IDs registered to your NI user account. This is all handled conveniently through the Service Center program which you install separately on your computer.
  • For more information on the Native Instruments registration system used with Indigisounds Sample Libraries, click here.